Quintessence Multi touch software

Imagine being able to share videos, images, data, documents, catalogues whilst sat around the same multi touch desk surface.

Multi touch not only engages consumers in a new interactive way which far surpasses traditional touch technologies, it also provides a new multi channel experience where "web meets in-store", where every store can be a flag ship store, where catalogue content becomes interactive and high in rich media, where prices are updated in real-time, where advertising can be targeted by a matter of touch, where loyalty schemes deliver benefits to the shop floor, where the need for print is dramitaically reduced and product and service information can be distributed with ease. The possibilities, benefits and opportunities are endless and only restricted by imagination!

Quintssence Software specialise in the design and development of multi touch user interfaces, iPad and iPhone applications and digital media services, providing a full multi touch experience in conjunction withg technology partners Your Surface.